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Don’t be embarrassed if you do. It’s a question that could take a life time to answer. A number of us were lucky, figuring out exactly what Cape Canaveral Opossum Removal we wanted to do at a young age.

Some stumble across their dream when they are very young, but don’t realize it until they get older. Horror stories and mysteries thrilled me. Then, I started reading popular artists like Poe and King. I was hooked.

I wasn’t aware that I wanted to spend my life in the realm of words before I was a freshman in high school. It was spring, one of those days where the rain had just stopped and the humidity was almost unbearable. The teacher, Mrs. Moore had one of those box fans buzzing in the window. Besides the fan’s constant buzzing the room was completely silent.

It was the city broad proficiency test week. The day of the writing tests. There were two missions, one with a prompt and one without. We were not great children but no one knew what they were going to write about.

My “pencil” hasn’t stopped moving since. Throughout the following week, several unique members of the school approached me about my writing duties. It seemed I was the talk of the school, scoring higher than some of the districts two million students.

What makes you happy in life will not always reveal itself in an earth shattering moment of epiphany. Sometimes you have to chase it down. Other times you have to fight through obstacles to realize you are doing what makes you happy in life and just could not see it. Or perhaps you glimpsed it, but were at the wrong place. Whatever your situation is, unless you have found happiness, do not stop looking.

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